This is an Excerpt from my book "The Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & The New Sound and Just Monetary System".

Chapter 5 - The Power Harmonizer                                                                                                                       

The New Design of the Societal Structure and Government

For the optimized operating of The Just Monetary System, we also need to have a "Just Societal Structure" wherein The Just Monetary System is included. The State Apparatus that is used nowadays does not enable this. To provide for a more adequate Template to do so I have designed “The Power Harmonizer".

It is a visionary template that is also an organic and adequate manner to address the problems of how to ideally shape the organizational structure of a societal system.

The problems I mean here, in addition to the ones outlined in this book regarding the false and corrupt monetary system, include the current structure and working methods of the democratic representative system, which operates as a Marxist-Fascist State.

This is also what I have indicated in Chapters 2 and 3 which actually shows that the 20th Century has been all about manipulating the World into Nations with Centralized Power in a Marxist-Fascist State, cloaked under Representative Democracies and in conjunction with the Fraudulent Monetary System. Those have been operating hand-in-hand.

This entire theme is obviously rather complicated and it requires a thorough, complete and fundamental renewal. Here I want to present an Introduction Sneak-Peak of what it is about.

The core structure of "The Power Harmonizer" is focused on the need and ability to allow the powers and forces in a society to operate together in a more optimized manner, as well as to ensure that they can always be harmonized or properly aligned, concerted and coordinated. A kind of next level of the English, Dutch, American and French Revolutions, only this one is more like "The 5.0 version".

Rudolf Steiner alluded to it in the beginning of the 20th Century with what he called "The Threefold Social Order". Since then there have been many developments and discoveries which I have also integrated in my design of the template and its operation. By implementing "The Power Harmonizer" central fundamental issues are adequately addressed in the societal and state structure. In its newly revised Design:

  • sound, intelligent, logical and good policy is Key (not those based on merely what the intellect tells us);
  • all parties, powers and forces in society get their fair reflection and are empowered with actual power in shaping policy (no obscure influence, lobbying and backroom dealings);
  • powers and forces in society are not ignored and are not excluded.

The basic layout of the template of "The Power Harmonizer" has been shaped, finetuned and nuanced in accordance to the current time. A crucial impetus for this can be found in the movements that took place at the end of the 18th century, from which a human and world view emerged that did justice to the nature of man and the meaning of life.

This has been preceded by many crucial independence struggles over the past centuries. They have led to very important documents such as the “Magna Charta” and the Dutch Declaration of Independence from the Spanish called the “Plakkaat van Verlatinge " of 1581 (translated it means: "Act of Abjuration") which caused a 80 year war for Freedom against the Spanish. Parts of its text were also used in the US Declearation of Independence, as there were quite some Dutch people on the East coast[4] .  The people involved in shaping the Dutch Republic in the 17th Century were also trying to figure out how to best set up the governmental apparatus for the people. The people involved were statesmen, but also cultural figures such as Rembrandt, Spinoza, and P.C. Hooft. They met each year at the castle "Muiderslot" (just outside of Amsterdam) to discuss policies. This all went in a quite constructive manner, until it was torpedoed by the royals from Orange in 1672 who felt side-lined.

In the 18th century two crucial Revolutions for Independence took place almost immediately one after the other. When you take a closer look it becomes obvious that they are actually two sides of the same coin while they both did justice to the core make-up of a Human Being as well as to the Structure of Society Government. The only did it in their own way. Those two crucial movements were the American War of Independence and the there upon following French Revolution. The French one reflected more the Ideals-side, the American was more shaped in a concrete manner.

In our current time it is important to further complete and fine-tune them. It depends on the Make-Up present in each Nation to determine what needs to be done to do so. Rudolf Steiner worked on it in the beginning of the 20th Century. Now the time has arrived to revamp that, set it up and operate it.

Here I also want to repeat and point out that Adolf Hitler was against the Threefolded Social Order as presented by Rudolf Steiner. Hitler had lashed out at Rudolf Steiner and called him a “traitor of the German people”. Adolf Hitler said that “the Threefolded Social Order was a Jewish method to destroy the normal state of mind of peoples”[1]. Now, such statement coming from him makes it obvious that he was lying and that he actually meant exactly the opposite because he was terrified for it and the thought of it becoming popular made him furious because he knew it was the right template to pursue for Germany, and that it would jeopardize his quest for centralized Nazi-power.

So it is obvious that the Threefolded Social Order is in opposition of the Marxist-Fascist State Structure that the cabal/deep state has swayed in especially the 20th Century. The same will go for The Power Harmonizer.

Here are some of the fundamentals that The Power Harmonizer also brings to the table as ideas to ensure it is properly implemented (obviously some of those will require amendments in a Nations Constitution):

  1. Re-Organization of the Organizational Structure of Society and the State according to the Template of The Power Harmonizer;
  2. A Sound and Just Monetary System;
  3. Laws that integrate Binding Referendums in the Legislative Process and enable Representatives to be fired within their term (within a maximum of 1 month) by their constituents;
  4. Ensure that there is a Law that obliges each National to present his or her ID (driver’s license or passport) at the voting station, so it is 100% that they can only vote once[2];
  5. A Sound & Selfless Serving Banking Industry & Just Funding Options for People, (New) Enterprises and Projects;
  6. More precise Articulations of Freedom of Religion and Worldviews and Exclusion(s) of any Violation of the other person’s Worldview;
  7. Balance in the Economy regarding Import & Export;
  8. Providing Clean Water, Clean “Free Energy” (the non-pollutant ones such as Hydrogen, Zero-Point Energy, Electro-Magnetic Generator and maybe Thorium) and a Proper Infrastructure of Roads and Waterways;
  9. Providing Holistic Healthcare;
  10. Implementation of the minimum Basic Standard of Organic Farming (through this Item Number and No.'s 8 & 9 much of the environmental pollution will also be solved, which is not a CO2-issue, but other far more damaging issues);
  11. The Global Warming/Climate Change theories as proclaimed by Al Gore and his fake disciples are a Hoax and Cabal/Deep State-tool for mass manipulation, divisiveness and chaos [3];
  12. Inclusion in the Constitution of the right to and financing of Free & Holistic Education (such as Vouchers for 4 years for every person which they can effectuate at any educational institution to learn a profession that they want to enlist at [if they qualify of course]); this will also mean the Expansion of the Institutions that are qualified where you can Exchange your voucher;
  13. Providing Basic Income to those who need it, such as young people (those above 18), the disabled, permanently ill, the elderly and veterans. The 18+ ones will also need some coaching to find their way and “learn how to fish”.

There are also ideas and mechanisms in "The Power Harmonizer" that enable to address upcoming new issues on an adequate manner. These programs and templates accompany the basic changes, transformation and healing of the Nation so that it solidifies a new Modus Operandi.

The template has also integrated the necessary changes so that it can be tailored in an organic way to the characteristics of every Nation, and is therefore it is applicable on a Global Scale.

[1] This comes out of the article written by Adolf Hitler that appeared in the Völkischer Beobachter of 15th of March, 1921 under the title “Statesmen or criminals”.

[2] This is already the case in most Western countries, the only striking one who doesn't have it properly implemented is the USA. Another example of Marxism being implemented; it was Stalin who said “all that matters is who counts the votes”.

[3] See an outline of why this is a Complete Hoax on: as well as on:

[4] See: and